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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
WINBLOODRAYNE 2 TERMINAL CUT ULTIMATE-Codex0ActionTigersplace16 minutes, 12 seconds9.91 GBNZB
WINTravel to Thailand - NL15AdventureHoodlum1 day, 13 hours108.33 MBNZB
WINThe Sims 4 UPDATE ONLY!11SimulationHoodlum1 day, 13 hours241.19 MBNZB
WINSherlock Holmes - The Hound of The Baskerville Collector's Edition15AdventureHoodlum1 day, 13 hours426.66 MBNZB
WINThe Awakening of Mummies6PuzzleHoodlum1 day, 14 hours137.09 MBNZB
WINDark Arcana - The Carnival Collector's Edition9AdventureHoodlum1 day, 14 hours776.1 MBNZB
WINDwarves Craft 2 Mountain Brothers NL (vertaling)3PuzzleKwiebus651 day, 14 hours115.58 MBNZB
WINGolf Peaks NL2PuzzleKwiebus651 day, 15 hours51.71 MBNZB
WINCandleman The Complete Journey NL6ActionKwiebus651 day, 16 hours1.72 GBNZB
WINBato Magic Billiards2BoardgameKwiebus651 day, 16 hours42.78 MBNZB
WINIselin Saga13AdventureHoodlum2 days, 10 hours347.62 MBNZB
WINSpirit Legends (5) - The Aeon Heart Collector's Edition27AdventureHoodlum2 days, 10 hours1.76 GBNZB
WINDwarves Craft (2) - Mountain Brothers6PuzzleHoodlum2 days, 10 hours139.69 MBNZB
WINDeadliest Catch - The Game14ActionHoodlum2 days, 10 hours3.04 GBNZB
WINAdventure Trip (3) New York - NL20AdventureHoodlum4 days, 12 hours406.97 MBNZB
WINGrandMa BadAss - NL10AdventureHoodlum4 days, 12 hours238.31 MBNZB
WINSherlock Holmes - The Awakened Remastered21AdventureHoodlum4 days, 12 hours2.59 GBNZB
WINMagic Gate - Faces of Darkness17AdventureHoodlum5 days, 8 hours1.44 GBNZB
WINInfinitie MiniGolf - Tortuga7ActionHoodlum5 days, 8 hours1.4 GBNZB
WINUndiscovered8AdventureHoodlum5 days, 8 hours271.63 MBNZB
WINSeven Seas Solitaire Collector's Edition - NL14StrategyHoodlum5 days, 8 hours117.08 MBNZB
WINHitman 2 Gold Edition ElAmigos11ActionKaalUploader5 days, 12 hours54.74 GBNZB
WINEnchanted Kingdom 8 Master of Riddles CE NL25AdventureKwiebus655 days, 15 hours1.51 GBNZB
WINDetective Agency Mosaics 2 NL2PuzzleKwiebus655 days, 15 hours76.48 MBNZB
WINTasty Puzzle Happy Hour 2 NL3PuzzleKwiebus655 days, 15 hours155.85 MBNZB