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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
360Portal 2 - XBox3609PuzzleShEkStEr1 year, 5 months6.62 GBNZB
360Prey Xbox360 Verzoekje quakel2ActionJaap06101 year, 6 months4.86 GBNZB
360Far Cry 4 Xbox3602AdventureJaap06101 year, 6 months7.65 GBNZB
360Saint Row The Third Xbox3606ActionJaap06101 year, 6 months7.41 GBNZB
360F1 2014 Xbox3601RaceJaap06101 year, 6 months7.7 GBNZB
360Plants Vs Zombie Garden Xbox3601ShooterJaap06101 year, 6 months7.9 GBNZB
360Skyrim4wim1 year, 6 months3 KBNZB
360Lego Pirates Of The Carribean Xbox3609Child/youthJaap06101 year, 7 months6.65 GBNZB
360Lego Dimensions Xbox3602Child/youthJaap06101 year, 7 months7.7 GBNZB
360Lego The Movie Xbox3602Child/youthJaap06101 year, 7 months8.58 GBNZB
360The Darkness Xbox360 (REPOST)0ShooterJaap06101 year, 7 months6.85 GBNZB
360LEGO Jurassic World Xbox3604Child/youthJaap06101 year, 7 months7.91 GBNZB
360Ghost Recond Advanced Warfighter Xbox3605ShooterJaap06101 year, 7 months9.22 GBNZB
360The Darkness 2 Xbox3607ShooterJaap06101 year, 7 months8.31 GBNZB
360Cars 2 Xbox3600RaceJaap06101 year, 7 months7.42 GBNZB
360Fifa 16 Xbox3601SportJaap06101 year, 7 months8.65 GBNZB
360Fifa 18 Xbox3601SportJaap06101 year, 7 months8.62 GBNZB
360Grand Theft Auto V (GTA) Xbox3606ActionJaap06101 year, 7 months16.73 GBNZB
360Alice Maddness Returns Xbox3602PuzzleJaap06101 year, 7 months7.38 GBNZB
360The Darkness1ShooterJaap06101 year, 7 months6.69 GBNZB
360Fifa 17 Xbox3601SportJaap06101 year, 7 months8.61 GBNZB
360Dantes Inferno Xbox3600ActionJaap06101 year, 7 months6.64 GBNZB
360Gears of War Judgment RE-UP XBox 3605ActionShEkStEr1 year, 7 months8.43 GBNZB
360Fifa 16 Xbox3600SportJaap06101 year, 7 months8.65 GBNZB
360Fifa 18 Xbox3601SportJaap06101 year, 7 months8.62 GBNZB