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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
PDFFlair Netherlands - 24 februari 20211MagazineTigersplace3 days, 7 hours26.16 MBNZB
PDFVegan Food and Living-March 20212MagazineTarkusTWS4 days, 4 hours116.91 MBNZB
PDFPractical.Classics-April.20212MagazineTarkusTWS4 days, 4 hours168.03 MBNZB
PDFFlow Netherlands - februari 20218MagazineTigersplace4 days, 7 hours161 MBNZB
PDFReaders.Digest.USA-March.20212MagazineTarkusTWS5 days, 3 hours20.22 MBNZB
PDFReaders.Digest.UK-March.20211MagazineTarkusTWS5 days, 3 hours121.51 MBNZB
PDFPlayboy.Sweden-February.202113MagazineTarkusTWS5 days, 3 hours58.95 MBNZB
PDFOld.House.Journal-March.20212MagazineTarkusTWS5 days, 3 hours86.81 MBNZB
PDFMotor Boat and Yachting-March 20212MagazineTarkusTWS5 days, 3 hours124.68 MBNZB
PDFModern.Gardens-March.20214MagazineTarkusTWS5 days, 3 hours71.63 MBNZB
PDFElsevier Weekblad - nr.7 - 20-02-202135MagazineDemonneke5 days, 4 hours35.23 MBNZB
PDFHeritage.Railway-19.February.20213MagazineTarkusTWS5 days, 4 hours54.11 MBNZB
PDFHackSpace-March.20213MagazineTarkusTWS5 days, 4 hours31.17 MBNZB
PDFAmateur.Photographer-20.February.20217MagazineTarkusTWS5 days, 4 hours23.98 MBNZB
PDFYachting.USA-March.20211MagazineTarkusTWS6 days, 2 hours107.1 MBNZB
PDFPlayboy.Australia-February.202110MagazineTarkusTWS6 days, 2 hours58.7 MBNZB
PDFConsumentengids 2021 Nr 02 Feb99MagazineTigersplace6 days, 7 hours88.44 MBNZB
PDFTuinseizoen – februari 202127MagazineTigersplace6 days, 7 hours91.46 MBNZB
PDFVogue Netherlands – april 20215MagazineTigersplace6 days, 7 hours160 MBNZB
PDFComputer Idee 06 - (2021)86MagazineRoots6 days, 18 hours298.26 MBNZB
PDFNederlandse Tijdschriften 18-02-2021111MagazineCowboyHenk1 week, 1 hour2.41 GBNZB
PDFThe.Scots.Magazine-March.20216MagazineTarkusTWS1 week, 3 hours14.75 MBNZB
PDFAutoWeek Netherlands - 17 februari 202115MagazineTigersplace1 week, 7 hours26.53 MBNZB
PDFBlues Matters Issue 116-October November 20203MagazineTarkusTWS1 week, 1 day147.82 MBNZB
PDFInstagram For Beginners-12 February 20213MagazineTarkusTWS1 week, 1 day36.95 MBNZB